Products & Services


Northwest Laundry Dust Control

Dust Control

Let our mats do the work to prevent dust and dirt in your facility, while saving you time and money.

Northwest Laundry Table Linens

Table Linens

Add elegance to your restaurant, dining room, dinner event, wedding reception, catering event or banquet event with high quality table linens.

Northwest Laundry Aprons & Towels

Aprons & Towels

We offer a variety of apron styles and functions like 4 way and bib aprons.

Northwest Laundry Chef Apparel

Chef Apparel

Northwest Laundry ensures a professional image for chefs and all of your culinary employees.

Northwest Laundry Uniforms


Northwest Laundry can provide the uniform laundry service to ensure a professional image for all of your employees.

Northwest Laundry Bed & Bath Linens

Bed & Bath Linens

We offer a broad spectrum of hospitality linen services that make us your one stop commercial linen laundry company.

Northwest Laundry Spa Linens

Spa Linens

Northwest Laundry Services can save you time and money by laundering the spa linens you need.

Northwest Laundry Restroom Services

Restroom Services

Let Northwest Laundry help keep your image bright and clean with our facility management program.

Are you a vacation rental home owner or have a student in college?

Linens2Go is your answer. It’s a simple, affordable, and efficient service providing hygienically clean linens to vacation rental homeowners and college dorm room students. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 — order online, drop off used linens, and pick up clean linens all though our conveniently located kiosk near you and our ordering system is fully automated using RFID chips to track orders from start to finish.