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Northwest Laundry Services Inc. is a commercial linens facility, specializing in housekeeping, and food and beverage linens for businesses in the Central Oregon area. We provide both linens rental services and laundering of customer owned goods. We are family owned and operated with big company expertise.
Since 2006 we have worked at building this company into a continuously expanding commercial business and have a reputation for quality, excellent service, and competitive pricing. All textiles are serviced on-premises at our headquarters with the use of the latest technology, and deliveries are available seven days a week. Our trucks deliver anywhere in the Central Oregon area from Sunriver to Madras and anyplace in between.

Our success has been based on being responsive to customer needs and by creating value for you. We partner with our customers to provide you the quality and service you need to make your hotel, restaurant, resort, healthcare or medical office, catering company or any business a success. Our employees are dedicated to exceeding your expectations!

In addition, we have continued to upgrade and install new equipment in our Central Oregon facility over the last three years. This has allowed us the flexibility of having redundant systems in place should there be an increase of workload or a need for a quick return on the delivery of items. This also allows us to have safety measures in place to compensate for any equipment maintenance that would otherwise slow down production. We are currently operating seven days a week, 365 days a year, with plenty of capacity with our new expansion. This allows a tremendous flexibility (spelling) to accommodate any amount of laundry that may be sent. If you are looking for the highest quality commercial linen service available in the Central Oregon area, look no further than Northwest Laundry Services.

Northwest Laundry Services

Commercial Linen Service for your business laundry needs in Central Oregon!
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