Restaurants & Catering

We put your best impression first while looking out for your bottom line. Whether you’re a big-time restaurant or a small time caterer, you can enjoy using our chef linens, table cloths, and bar mops – without worrying about extravagant maintenance fees along the way.

Commercial Office Services

We have a host of products and services to make commercial office management easier. From event linen services, floor mats, and bathroom supplies – we’ve got you covered.

Health & Wellness

Practitioners can now choose between renting and having. Whether you prefer to have your own lab coats and patient gowns or rent from ours, we’ll take care of the messier side of your health and wellness practice.

Hotels & Resorts

Tired of managing an in-house laundry? Do you wish your current linen provider worked on YOUR schedule? We’re here to help. We’ve been servicing the hotel and resort industry since we opened our doors, and we promise you the highest quality linen service in Central Oregon.

Northwest Laundry Services serves the commercial linen needs of businesses in the Central Oregon area. With products and services designed for your restaurant, hotel, resort, medical office, office building, or catering business, we are there for you 365 days a year with fast 24 hour turnaround from pickup to delivery.

Northwest Laundry Dust Control Office Floor Mats

Commercial Offices

The appearance of your workplace and the safety of your employees and customers is a critical concern, and floor mats placed in the right locations can help you make the right impression and prevent slip and fall injuries.

Northwest Laundry Health & Wellness Services

Health & Wellness

Medical facilities of all sizes can trust Northwest Laundry Services to keep their staff looking professional and their patients feeling secure and comfortable. We offer an extensive line of healthcare linens, from scrubs and lab coats to sheets, pillowcases, towels and blankets.

Northwest Laundry Restaurant & Catering Services

Restaurant & Catering

We bring more to the table! We understand how important table linens are to a restaurant or catered event. That is why we use only the finest quality napkins and tablecloths that offer the soft feel of cotton. Our Superior finish gives the crispness that you expect and allows you to create any place setting you desire.

Northwest Laundry Hotel & Resort Services

Hotels & Resorts

Committed to our customers, Northwest Laundry Services brings an exciting fresh approach to the market and provides consistent high quality, cost efficient, reliable linen management and linen laundry outsourcing services and solutions.

Northwest Laundry Services

Commercial Linen Service for your business laundry needs in Central Oregon!
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